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Bamf Confusion [Racial][edit]

Gives the Bamfling the ability to bamf multiple times in a round with a grappled enemy
Prerequisite: The ability to bamf 3 times per 2 hours
Benefit: When the Bamfling is in a grapple with an enemy (either grappling or being grappled) he may Bamf 6 times as a full round action. The rider takes the normal 1d6 nonlethal damage per Bamf, but is only Dazed for one round. If he makes his save, he is not Dazed and still takes half damage. The Bamfling takes 1d4 + the number of bamfs over his 2 hour limit in nonlethal damage per extra bamf.
Normal: A Bamfling can only usually bamf 2 times in a full round.

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