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Whilst described as a d20 Modern Race, Balshan, Dwaltam and Simmusimos are aliens and best fit a d20 Future setting.

Home world[edit]

They say Crshalka is the weirdest place in the universe. It's native life uses a four strand right handed form of DNA, it has eight moons - who's combined mass is GREATER than that of the planet itself and are inside the outer reaches of it's atmosphere. Most of the plants are carnivorous, where as many of the animal lifeforms are capable of a form of food production similar to photosynthesis. It orbits a tri-solar system and for some reason not understood by anyone has variable G across it's surface...

The people.[edit]

The native tri genderal, triform race has no one name. They do however have similar traits. They are impulsive, emotionaly and musically minded. They were able to hold (insert setting specific conqueror race here) off long enough to make it profitable to form an alliance. They are now pretty much part of (race's) culture. When a Balshan reproduces with a Dwaltam 1/3 of the children are Dwaltam and 2/3 are Simmusimo. The same occurs with Simmusimo breeding with Dwaltam resulting in a Dwaltam/Balshan split.

Balshan are tall, slender, pale skinned, hairless humanoids with absolutely massive leg muscles.

Dwaltam are short, stocky dark-skinned with massive facial hair.

Simmusimo look like a flattened orchestra conductor.

Racial bonuses[edit]

Not human: No bonus feat or skill points.
Pitch perfect (Ex): +4 bonus on perform checks to do with music and on checks to use Crshalkian technology, which is music based. (Such a check has a +4 on the DC to use, so overall there is no change in success rate).

Balshan Abilites:

  • Dex +2, Con -2
  • Medium Size
  • Base Speed: 40 ft.
  • +8 on Jump

Dwaltam Abilities:

  • Dwaltam: Con +2, Dex -2
  • Small Size
  • Base Speed: 20 ft.
  • Powerful build, Darkvision 90ft.

Simmusimo Abilities:

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