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Inquisition-6 is a private paramilitary organization. It is not connected to any government, nor is it officially headquartered in any single country. Though, they are [allegedly] paid large sums of money by many countries. Inquisition-6 is not totally secret to many of the world governments, but is relatively unknown to the general population. It boasts a large number of personnel, though the number is only known to a very few number of people.

Its personnel is commited in many roles including assassins, shocktroopers, undercover agents, scientists, and administrative staff.


The founding of Inquisition-6 is not known to anyone outside of the top administation of Inquisition-6 itself. It is rumored, however, that an assassin businessman by the name of William James Clark founded the organization in the mid-1960's.


The conspiracy theories surrounding Inquisition-6 are many, even though they aren't known to any great extent by civilian populations. Some include that the United States and Soviet Union settled the Cold War through concerns of Inqusition-6 "interference." Another suggests that an Inquisition-6 sniper was the shooter in the Kennedy assassination, because of suspected US action against Inquisition-6. These are just to name a few.

Armed Forces[edit]

Inquisition-6's combat branch is divided into a few different subsections: Tactical Fire Teams (TFTs), Sniper Teams, Interception Fire Teams (IFTs), Demolition Teams, Intelligence and Scouting Fire Teams (ISFTs), and Rapid Response, Rescue, and Emergency Fire Teams (RRREFTs). The Teams and Fire Teams are deployed on a need basis.

A Tactical Fire Team consists of four operators, and usually four Tactical Fire Teams make up one Tactical Squad (16 operators.) Each Fire Team contains a single suppression weapon (4 LMGs/MMGs per Squad), and heavy weapons on a need basis beyond that. Tactical Squads often work in conjunction with every other type of combat element. Tactical Fire Teams are designated as TacFire Alpha-1, where the TacFire is there element type, Alpha would be the Squad they belong to, and the number is either 1,2 3, or 4, so TacFire Alpha-1 would be a Tactical Fire Team from Alpha Squad, and be their first Fire Team in that squad. Squad designation is by phonetic alphabet, and if there are more than 26 squads designations such as Alpha-A and Alpha-B would be used, but it has never happened before.

Sniper Teams consist on two operator teams (one sniper, one spotter) with a dedicated purpose, such as to provide Tactical Fire Teams with overwatch, to provide operational overwatch, to provide operational support, or to enforce tactical operational perimeter from concealed positions. Tactical Overwatch entails providing specific and precise support fire to targets directly involved with the primary objective of an operation. An Tactical Overwatch Team (TacWatch) is limited to necessity fire only, meaning that they are not authorized to fire on any targets of opportunity or any target that is in direct threat to a Tactical Fire Team, other Combat Element, or a target assigned to them by their assigned Tactical Fire Teams. To keep operational organization and workload down to optimal levels for a TacWatch Team, one Team may only be authorized to provide overwatch for two Fire Teams, meaning for every Tactical Squad there is a minimum of two Tactical Overwatch Teams. Operational Overwatch (OpWatch) Teams provide operational intelligence to and from the Operational Commander to Headquarters as needed. They are not authorized to fire on any target that is not directly authorized from Operational Command or Headquarters, or that is not directly a threat to themselves. OpWatch snipers are almost always equipped with large caliber rifles and there is no limit to how many OpWatch Teams may be in use at once but they are usually kept in static, long range, observer roles and not direct action. Operational Support (OpSupport) Teams are authorized to take out tagets of opportunity that do not interfere with Tactical Fire Team or TacWatch Teams, meaning that their fire should not intervene unless otherwise ordered to do so, as TacWatch Teams generally have this handled. OpSupport is usually tasked with covering outlying Combat Elements, other sniper teams, and to take out targets that have yet to become a problem or simple present themselves. Operational Perimeter (OpP) Teams keep vital elements from escaping and alert appropriate Combat Elements to what happens to be moving around the outlying parts of the operational area. Tactical Overwatch Teams designation is tied to the Tactuical Squad they are supporting, they use the Same Squad designation and use the numbers to designate wich fire teams they cover. So TacWatch Alpha-1-2 would be tasked with supporting TacFire Alpha-1 and TacFire Alpha-2.

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