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Millenia ago, when the first angels were cast into Hell, there was one, a powerful young celestial named Avexilia. Avexilia was gifted (or cursed) with prophetic powers unlike any angel, visions so powerful, so detailed, she could predict the movement of every drop of sweat that fell from a great hero's brow as fought a thousand years later. But her power was her undoing. One day, her closest friend and confidant turned on her, imprisoning her deep within the swamps of Minauros, for she could prove to be too powerful a weapon for his enemies. Eons passed, power changed hands, people died, and souls burned. At long last, a dark warrior came to release her. His name was Velsken, a reincarnated soldier of light and darkness. He confronted her, but at the last moment, his sword at her heart, he could not bear to slay her. She took her own life, running herself through with his blade, but for his compassion, she granted him power, the likes of which he never imagined, drawn from the dark celestial blood that splattered his body.

Creating a Avexilia-Blooded Creature[edit]

"Avexilia-Blooded" is an acquired template that can be added to any intellgent, living, corporeal creature. At this time, the only Avexilia-Blooded are the few that have uncovered Avexilia's corpse and consumed her flesh.


An Avexilia-Blooded creature gains the Good subtype, regardless of its actual alignment.


An Avexilia-Blooded creature gains a +4 bonus on all saves against divination affects, disease, and poison.

Special Attacks[edit]

Avexilia's Vengeance (Su): An Avexilia-Blooded creature can take an immediate action to gain a sacred bonus to attack, damage, and Armor Class equal to it's Hit Dice plus its Charisma modifier, these bonuses double against evil outsiders. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to its Charisma modifier. This ability may be used once per week.

Special Qualities[edit]

Divine Endurance (Su): An Avexilia-Blooded creature can take a free action to gain damage reduction 10/- from the mingling of divine blood with its material form. The creature can supress this ability with another free action. Once the damage reduction has prevented 40 points of damage, the creature loses all benefits of this template, including this ability.


+4 Charisma, +2 Strength

Challenge Rating[edit]

As base creature +1.


As base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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