Avenger, Censure of Death (4e Class Variant)

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Creating an Avenger[edit]

Some Avengers, especially those following the Raven Queen, focus on the power of death and undeath to harm there enemies. This is a class feature to fit such characters. Your primary should be Wisdom, as with all Avengers, and you secondary should be Constitution, as your own vitality effects your power over the undead. Make Dexterity or Intelligence your tertiary for bonus to AC and/or initiative.

Class Features[edit]

When an enemy is dropped to 0 HP while within 5 squares of you, your next attack against your Oath of Enmity before the end of your next turn deals extra damage equal to your constitution modifier. This bonus is cumulative.

Avenger of Death[edit]
Suggested Feat: Disciple of Death (Human Feat:Unarmored Agility)
Suggested Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate, and Stealth
Suggested At-Will Powers: Nota Attack, Overwhelming Strike
Suggested Encounter Power: Rictus Grin
Suggested Daily Power: Blood Oath Strike

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