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Avatar of Honor [Exalted, Epic]

The ultimate act of honor is to defend one who cannot defend themselves. The character places themselves in the path of an attack, taking the attack in place of the intended target. The character may also be placed in a position to retaliate.
Prerequisite: Master of Honor, Dex 19, good aligned
Benefit: This ability is used At-Will. A character with this feat can choose to put him/herself in harm’s way to receive any attack or spell cast on a target within 20 feet of the character. Once the character determines whether or not the target will be harmed by the attack, they gain the evasion ability. If the attacker should fail to harm the target the character is allowed an Attack of Opportunity against the attacker. A Paladin who takes this feat gains the Improved Evasion ability against the attack, only in cases where one is allowed the saving throw. Additionally the Paladin is allowed a Reflex or Fortitude save to half all incoming damage at all times.

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