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Avatar of Honesty [Exalted, Epic]

You have become a walking, breathing beacon for the truth. In your wake no lies can be spoken, and those before you hide nothing in the shadow of lies.
Prerequisite: Master of Honesty, Wis 19, Sense Motive 18 ranks
Benefit: Grants a 25 feet aura that acts as a zone of truth spell (DC 12 +1/2 character level + Wis modifier) Within the aura, magical illusions are subject to a greater dispelling effect each round at a caster level equal to that of the character's level. You can dismiss or reactivate this aura as a free action. It also grants a +2 sacred bonus to Sense Motive and a +2 sacred bonus to Diplomacy when interacting with good aligned creatures, as well as a +2 sacred bonus to intimidate when interacting with evil aligned creatures. A paladin with this feat adds 5 feet to the range of her detect evil ability. This bonus stacks with the bonuses from Initiate of Honesty, Acolyte of Honesty and Master of Honesty.

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