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Attune Magic Item [Item Creation][edit]

This feat allows you to bond more closely with your personally crafted items, granting them improved saving throws.
Prerequisite: Extraordinary Artisan and caster level 12th.
Benefit: Any magic item that you possess that you have personally crafted uses your saving throw bonuses whenever it is forced to make a save, such as when coming under the effects of a mage's disjunction spell. If the item is intelligent, it gains a bonus to your saves equal to the total of its mental ability scores (Int, Wis, and Cha).
Additionally, you can repair a destroyed magic item of your own creation as if it were a normal nonmagical item. Upon completion of the repairs, it regains all of former magical properties prior to being destroyed. You must, however, possess all the physical pieces of the item in order to do so. If any are missing, you must pay the same percentage of its original creation costs (both gold and xp) in order to repair it properly.

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