Attack Of The Five Chakkras (4e Power)

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Attack of the Five Chakkras Fist Master Attack 29
Moving in a blur, you touch your enemy in five very precise point of its body. A light touch is enough. Each time you touch one, your target is more and more handicapped. When you reach the last one, it drops dead at your feet.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Unarmed
Standard Action Melee weapon
Target: One creature.
Attack: Dexterity Vs. Fortitude, 5 attacks, one after the other.
Hit: First attack slows the target. Second attack dazes it. Third blinds it. Fourth stuns it. Fifth causes 8[W] + Dexterity modifier damage. All conditions end on separate saves.
Miss: If any attack misses, don't roll the next ones.
Silk Path:Every time an attack hits, you gain a cumulative +1 power bonus for the next one, up to your Wisdom modifier.

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