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Atlira Fiend Blood Sorcerer[edit]

Sorcerer Subclass

Devil Skin

At 1st lvl, while not wearing Armor, your AC = 13 + your Constitution modifier and you gain +1 hp for every level taken in this class

Bonus Proficiancies

you gain proficiency with all martial weapons

Fiendish Spells

You learn additional spells when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown on the Fiendish Spells table. Each of these spells counts as a sorcerer spell for you, but it doesn’t count against the number of sorcerer spells you know. At each level in the table you learn only one spell that does not count against the number of sorcerer spells you know, the other is simply added to your spell list for this class if it isn't already added.

Fiendish Spells Table
1st wrathful smite Hex
2nd Flame Blade Enhance Ability
3rd Ashardalon's Stride Spirit Shroud
4th Freedom of Movement Charm Monster
5th Banishing Smite Geas

at 6th level you can attack twice instead of once whenever you take the attack action, in addition, if you miss with a weapon attack, you can spend a sorcery point to give the next attack against the target advantage.

Making Friends

At 14th level, Learn the spell Summon Greater Demon. you can cast this spell using a spell slot or by using sorcery points at 1 point per level of the spell you wish to cast; If casting with Sorcery points you may not cast the spell at a higher level than you have spell slots. Additionally when you cast this spell you you can summon any fiend instead of only demons and you learn the Fiend's name upon summoning it; This fiend takes a penalty to all saving throws against your spell save DC = to your Charisma Modifier.

Resilient Devilry

At 18th level, whenever you hit a creature with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to force it to make a saving throw against your spell save DC, on a fail, gain insight to all damage and conditions it is resistant or immune to. You gain resistance or immunity to one damage or condition it has resistance or immunity to. Until you loose this resistance, your melee attacks deal an additional 1d8 of this damage type (force if you've stolen a condition immunity). You loose this resistance or immunity as soon if use this feature again. When you copy a damage immunity it looses its immunity and gains resistance instead. When you copy a resistance it looses it. you can use this ability once per day and regain the ability to do so after a long rest

Additionally at the end of your turn, you gain 1/4 the total damage you've dealt since the end of your last turn as tmp hp.

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