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Ashlangs are an eerily beautiful and vile mostly-female race. They enjoy tormenting, torturing, raping and utterly destroying any living beings, for the sheer fun of it.

Physical Description[edit]

All Ashlangs have blood red hair, orange nocturnal irises and slit-eyed pupils. They physically look like dead humanoids with extremely thin waists, pronounced rib cages and blueish-white pale and cold skin. Their fingers and toes are elongated black talons, growing sharper and darker at the extremities.

Males are extremely rare in this race, with a ratio of 1-in-1000, which make them extremely sought after and well cared for by the females. When a pregnancy does occur, the child reaches maturity in the womb in a couple of months, then fiercely claws it's way out, often resulting in the mother's death. Ashlang Children grow incredibly fast, usually about a human year and a half in less than a month. in under 2 years, an Ashlang is fully grown as an adult.

Even thought they mature incredibly fast, Ashlangs also "live" quite long, being undead. They can't "die" of old age, but can die of starvation, hysteria following a dead Master, long sunlight exposure, etc.

Males and females usually stand around 6 feet tall, and females weight around 100 pounds, with males being slightly heavier.

Ashlangs are extremely susceptible to heat and sun, and thus prefer to roam around in darkness, covering most of their features under heavy hooded cloaks during the day.

Ashlangs live in large colonies and possess a "hive mind", with an empathic telepathic link that bounds them all together.

Ashlang Curse[edit]

Ashlangs mostly create more Ashlangs by means of infection, since child birth is extremely rare (1 in 100; 100 on a d100.). Infection can occur through any means of body fluid exchange, as theirs is acidic and poisonous. (kiss, bite, intercourse...)

Once an Ashlang has successfully done this exchange, she has to persuade the victim to feed on her blood (usually done by the means of a charm, or any kind of will-influencing spell).

If the feeding is done properly, a 7 day transformation occurs where the victim has to keep feeding on her blood, at least once in every 24 hours.

All fort saves used to resist the poison have to be done being away from the Ashlang Sire, if not, she can counter with her Beautiful Murderess ability and negate the attempt.

  • Day 1: Victim is infected with curse, has to feed to begin the transformation. If it doesn't, it can survive the poison with a successful DC 16 Fort Save.
  • Day 2: Victim looses all her body hair and nails, she begins to crave blood and raw meat. It can survive the poison with a successful DC 18 Fort Save.
  • Day 3: Victim has a short red fuzz growing only on her head. Sharp talons pierce her fingertips and toes, bleeding and painful. A strange craving whispers in her head. She craves blood, murder, meat, gore and lust. Victim now has to do a successful DC 20 Fort Save, and roll 51 or higher on a d100 to survive the poison without feeding on the Sire's blood.
  • Day 4: Victim cannot turn back on the transformation. If she does not feed, she goes feral. Her talons are now longer and her teeth are now similar to a carnivor's.
  • Day 5: Victim begins to feel her body losing incredible mass. She craves her Sire's approbation the most, but also has incontolable murderous and sexual impulses.
  • Day 6: Victim now has fully fonctionning talons and teeth. Her blood is now black, and her skin cold as snow. The constant hunger keeps her going.
  • Day 7: Victim is reborn as an Ashlang and replaces her template with "Undead". Gains all the bonuses listed down, plus her own class bonuses, if any.


Ashlangs are seen like horrible, evil vermin by most races, except by the ones corrupted by their blood.

Ashlangs who Sire others have an incredible bond with them. They stay telepathically connected no matter how far from each other they are. Sired beings mostly live to serve their Sires, and would gladly lay down their lives for her if she would so wish.

When a Sire dies, the empathic telepathic link is shattered between her and her Sired Ones. The broken bond causes the Sired Ones to also dies in horrible, painful agony.


Always Lawful Evil.


Ashlangs perfer dark, cold regions.


Ashlangs worship and serve any Strong Evil being, be it divine or mortal.


Ashlangs speak Common and Draconic.


Males names tend to sound Roman:

Ex: Anthonius, Julius, Lucianus, Nero, Valens...

Females choose their own names, and tend to pick names that stand out:

Ex: Kirae, Sylph, Ellysia, Aeliana, Valeriana...

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence.
  • Undead.
  • Medium.
  • Ashlangs base land speed is 40 feet.
  • Darkvision (60ft)
  • Low-light vision (60ft)
  • Poisonous Body Fluids (Ex): Ashlangs can attempt to infect a victim by any contact of body fluid.
  • Poisonous (Ex): Ashlangs can use their saliva to add 1d6 acid damage to any weapon, per attack.
  • Cold-Blooded (Ex): An Ashlang takes half damage from cold based attacks, and double from fire based attacks.
  • Multiattack (General): An Ashlang gains 3 secondary attacks, with both claws and one bite. Each secondary attack gains a -2 penalty.
  • Improved Grapple (General): An Ashlang gains "Improved Grapple" as of level 1, even if she does not meet the prerequisites.
  • Beautiful Murderess: 1/day. — An Ashlang can attempt to convince a victim to succumb to the bite and transformation. The victim has to win a save (10 + 1/2 Ashlang's total level + her Charisma modifier). The save DC is Will based.
  • Skills: +2 Bluff, +2 Intimidate, +2 Disguise.
  • Automatic Languages: Ashlang Dialect, Draconic, Common. Bonus Languages: Elven, Orcish, Abyssal.
  • Favored Class: Female: ShadowDancer, Male: Monk.
  • Level Adjustment: +3

See also: Elder Ashlang, Ashlang Hive Mother.

By: LadyMagikarp

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