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Physical Description[edit]

The ashen are ex-human knights who evolved through a superhuman serum like captain America. Their society and apparel have a medieval feel and their armor have a knight feel. They have blue, green, brown, orange, steel and violet eye color, many types of hair colors such as blue, brown, black and silver and have white skin color.


Order, ancestral roots, Knowledge, hope, stability, goodness, and purity




Sub Races[edit]

watchers (non-human Ashen)

Plural race name[edit]


the Ashen

The purity


The Ashen are Honorable and Civilized ex-human creatures that also have more humility.


The Ashen are all Middle class and like to read literature and play Norvok (which is like soccer) they don't use any currency since their water and nature magic can create food, air magic to make electricity to power vehicles and buildings and earth magic to create minerals and materials so no need for a economy and it has multiple governments such as Monarchy, Socialism, Kritarchy, Federation, Noocracy and Timocracy.


"Tecum patres tui." which in ashen means may your ancestors guide you.


They are very good friends with Vesk, Lashuntas and Kasathas they are suspicious of androids due to their mechanical physic and hate goblins due to their destructive and chaotic nature.


Arthsaris the god of knights.


The Ashen are humans of the many knight legions of the Ashen empire from golarion that much like the Azlanti have escape from golarion years before the gap however instead of magic they used a mysterious ring gate to travel to the planet of auraxian however that means they were trapped on auraxian with no way to get home so they build their own new Ashen empire called the purity order though many not know this but the way they call them selves the purity order it means to root out corruption and bring peace and order to all the galaxy not being pure-bloods and the Ashen is not just a race anymore it's a creed and ideology though they did not evolve by cybernetic enhancement or mutations but with enhanced genetics, genetic engineering and a serum created with very special herbs, special plants and a greenish blue substance called source that creates superhuman beings or super soldiers depending on how you look at it which means every citizen and soldier are superhuman beings kind of like captain America. And not only humans but other species as well when the purity order invented a FTL warp drive and made contact with the pact worlds a scientist of the purity order thought to him self "If this serum can turn a human into a Superhuman what can it do for a golarion non-human race and a alien." So Tvase was the first Vesk to become a Watcher a Vesk version of a superhuman if you may say. They Purity order seeks to end corruption and bring a new age of hope.


Ashen names are a combination of Latin, gothic, welsh, English, Spanish, Italian and/or French


Common, Ashen (a fantasy version Latin)


Lawful Good

Racial Traits[edit]

Superhuman might +1 strength +1 Wisdom.

Raw light Has immunity to lawful and light magic damage.

Weapon focus 5+ on melee and ranged weapons.

Knight's honor 3+ on AC

HP is 12

Running speed is 30 Feet.

Favored Class Options[edit]

Soldier, vanguard and solarian


Knights from for honor

the Vanguard from a indie game called Starfall online/tactics

the purity affinity from sid Meier's games

genetically enhanced super soldiers like captain America, halo reach Spartans and point man from fear.

and stargate for the mysterious ring that the Ashen used travel

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Ashen Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
1500 years 3000 years 4500 years 6000 years
  1. At middle age, +0 to all. -0 to all
  2. At old age, +0 to all. -0 t0 all
  3. At venerable age, +0 to all. -0 to all
Table: Ashen Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
17 years +2 +3 +4
Table: Ashen Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5' 9" +0 120 lb. × (0) lb.
Female 5' 8" +0 90 lb. × (0) lb.


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