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The heavenly realms of the benevolent gods, Ascencia is a true paradise among the planes. Lush forests, fruitful hills, and beautiful oceans stretch across the plane, and the mountains shelter massive fortresses of silver and ivory – these are the citadels of the gods.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Normal Gravity. Gravity in Ascencia mimics gravity in the Material Plane exactly.
  • Time: Timeless. While in Ascencia, eating and drinking aren’t required, but healing occurs regardless, thanks to the positive energy that softly permeates the plane. Poisons have no effect on someone in Ascencia. A person in Ascencia becomes whatever apparent age, sex, and physical build they enjoy most.
  • Size: Infinite. Ascencia has no known boundaries, and new regions are formed with every person who dies and earns a noble afterlife.
  • Morphic: Highly Morphic. The act of a deity is the easiest way to change an object in Ascencia. However, a virtuous dead soul will find that the lands awarded to it by its deity are easy to transmute as well.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Energy Dominance: Minor positive. Living creatures in Ascencia gain Fast Healing 2 as an extraordinary ability as long as they remain on the plane.
  • Alignment Trait: Strongly good-aligned, mildly lawful-aligned.
  • Magic Trait: Limited magic. Spells of the Necromancy school don’t function at all in Ascencia.

Plane Links[edit]

There are no direct paths to Ascencia – a deceased soul must be judged in an intermediary plane before it may proceed to its rest. Visitors must pass the same way, being judged worthy to proceed or being turned back.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Good deities and the virtuous dead make their home in Ascencia. Those who worshipped a specific deity find their patch of land to be close to that deity. The more virtuous the soul, the more land they are given domain over in Ascencia. They may ask their patron deity for aid in creating buildings for themselves, or they may build it themselves.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Works normally, except as per the conditions above. Mortal combat between two virtuous dead inhabitants of Ascencia is strictly forbidden by the rules agreed upon by the deities. Sparring matches, which must be observed and judged by a archon or angel, are allowed, and are carried until one participant admits defeat or is unable to continue without risking serious injury or death.

Features of the Plane[edit]

The Ivory Keep: A tall white spire in the middle of a stone castle atop one of the taller mountains in Ascencia, this is the home and the base of operations for Myriela and her most loyal followers and servants. She spends very little time here, preferring to venture forth and spread knowledge and fight evil in person.

The Silver Citadel: Alon’s majestic home, it appears as a series of massive, straight swords pointed straight up towards Ascencia’s vibrant blue sky, flanked by large silvery shields marked with a gold, four-pointed star circled by a ring. Inside, Alon sits upon a golden throne, and at each side are a series of smaller, bronze and ivory thrones where his most trusted lieutenants and generals sit.

Alonton: The largest town in Ascencia, named after the lord of the plane, this city is in view of all the gods' mountain castles, and can thus see all of them as well. All newly dead virtuous souls arrive in the Alonton city hall, and from there proceed to their resting place.

The Cathedral of Dragons: This is a massive stone chapel in the middle of Alonton. It is here that visitors and inhabitants alike may pray to their deity of choice when they lack the time or privilege to visit their deity in person. It is guarded at the entrances by several metallic dragons, from which it gets its name.

The Shrine of the Meek: A small fountain and large marble gazebo stand at the opposite end of Alonton from the cathedral. It is here that many of the virtuous swinlings gather, and humbly worship their gentle, loving goddess Rebecca. With her, they finally find peace, both with their bodies, and with their place in the world.

The Hope Sea: A vast ocean stretches all around the ever-expanding edges of Ascencia, separating its continents and islands. The ocean is bountiful, full of hearty and nutritious fish and whales. Travel by boat is fast and easy, and the water is quite gentle and serene, except against the beaches where waves look most beautiful.

The Valley of Peace: The majority of the virtuous dead reside here, in view of all the greater gods' castles. It is a place of rest and repose, and for some, to practice their martial and magical skills without risk of serious harm. The city of Alonton is in the center of this valley.

The Hall of Valor: Alonton's city hall serves dual purposes. It is both a place for planning the growth and defense of the city, and at the back of the hall, is a gateway for the newly dead to arrive through. The virtuous dead are free to head the other way as well, reincarnating as newborn children in the Material Plane. Only those appointed by a deity can pass through to the Material Plane without being forcibly reincarnated, and these are usually charged with a task to perform in the land of the living, such as the defeat of an evil necromancer.

Plane Encounters[edit]

Battles are rare in Ascencia - the only combat to be found is the hunting of wild game and the carefully monitored sparring matches between friends. The forces of evil have great trouble invading, and when they do attempt it, it is generally rare and easily repulsed. The Material Realm is a more suited place for those serious about combat. Ascencia is too filled with archons, angels, and heroic dead to suffer a demonic invasion gladly.

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