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The Hawk Raiders[edit]

The Hawk Raiders are a group of Suran outlaws, Daru outcasts, and Dhazanti sellswords that settled the wastes after the Suran Dynastic War. The group can loosely trade it's origins back to the Army of Queen Roxana Blackfire. At the height of the war, also called the War of Four Families, her forces were discriminating and she fled, with her commanders, into the hills west of Sura on the border of the Arixo Wastes. She planned to hole up and wait for a moment to regain position, but this plot was short-lived. The army mutinied in a bloody battle atop the three hills she had encamped on and the winning side took her and her surviving son captive, executed her generals, and sold her to her enemies. The army then refused to join any side and went on a pillaging binge. They fought themselves clear to the gates of Abu Neferet then back north to Arixo. It is said that when the army reached the waste they brought with them a baggage train so laded with treasure that it took a week to cross the High Rhathos Falls. The army crossed the salt pan in the center of the Arixo Wastes with the help of Pardic scouts and found their home. Their commanders rode with the scouts to investigate the legend of The Caves That Glow and found an otherworldly XXXX

XXX where they found ancient Mana Chasms buried underneath the ground. Unaware of the immense power of these crystals, and unable to harness them even if they could, they jealously guard them and built their outpost around them. In fact, only the Grey Elves are aware of the existence of these formations. Ancient Elven lore posits that these Mana Crystals deep under the surface of Dominaria are responsible for generating magic in the world. Could be a starship buried there as well?

Area of Influence: Central Arixo north to the Great Dry Delta/Archipelago

Base of Operations: A large cave complex in the Devil's Throat region of the Arixan wastes. The cave is full of crystalline formations that the Hawks believe gives them special powers. The crystals are, in fact, of FAR older origin...

Leadership Style:

Patron Deity:

Symbol: A Grey Banner with three birds in flight, two red and one yellow.


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