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If you ignore the rules people will, half the time, quietly rewrite them so that they don’t apply to you,
—Terry Pratchett

Queen Titania of the Seelie Court and her consort Oberon as well as the Unseelie Queen of Air and Darkness, and even the oldest of the Wendigo fall under this category. Nature spirits of every variety, fey hail from their home plane of the Feywild which runs parallel to the prime material plane. As their chaotic nature suggests, archfey's motivations can be nearly anything. Some have a grander plan for their subordinate while others might simply want to observe the goings on in the mortal world for their own amusement.

Forming a Pact with and Archfey[edit]

Alignment: Any chaotic, fey exist in both Seelie (good aligned) and Unseelie (evil aligned) variants

Invocation Required: Call of the beast, beguiling influence, or earthen grasp

Influence: While bound in a pact with an archfey, your patron (regardless of good or evil) expects that you prevent needless harm done against nature and other fey. Aside from that, specific expectations are up to your DM. Some archfey patrons might forbid you from attacking fey creatures unless they strike first and even then killing them is still frowned upon, whereas a different patron might ask that you combat fey of the opposing alignment when the opportunity arises.

Pact Bound (Ex): Upon forming the pact, your patron grants you a small gift of power. You gain Nymph's Kiss as a bonus feat (see Book of Exalted Deeds). In addition, you always know which direction is north and are continuously under the effects of pass without trace. The range for this is personal only.

Damage Reduction (Ex): The damage reduction granted by your patron is overcome by cold iron.

Patron's Resilience (Ex): You gain a +2 bonus on saves versus enchantment effects and a +1 luck bonus on reflex and will saves.

Otherworldly Aura (Su): Aura of Liberation out to 10ft. You are immune to compulsion effects and allies within the aura gain a +4 bonus on saves versus compulsion effects.

Gift of the Patron (Sp): You gain Walk Unseen and Witchwood Step as bonus invocations.

Pact Ability (Su): Whispering Woods (5th Greater): Like your archfey patron, the plans, and animals, even the rocks keep you informed of the goings on of the nearby world. You may take full minute of concentration to have the voices of the natural world give you a short answer to any simple question you ask of it. This question must pertain to current or recent events in a wilderness area on within 10 miles per caster level. Questions about distant locations take 1 minute per mile to answer. A pact warlock doesn’t need to concentrate or even remain in the same place; planets and animals will track the warlock down to share the information. Should the DM deem it relevant, the land may bring you news about especially important news without your request. Despite the name of the pact ability, this power functions even in places like deserts where plant life is sparse though the information takes 1d4 times longer to reach you.

At 15th level, your ability to commune with the land improves. A number of times each day equal to your charisma modifier, you can ask the land about a specific creature. This could be a specific person or maybe a particularly large dire wolf you're hunting. For the rest of the day you receive a +4 insight bonus on sense motive, intimidate, diplomacy, and bluff checks as well as a +2 insight bonus to AC and saves versus that creature. Additionally, you may learn about one or more of the creatures extraordinary, supernatural, or spell like abilities this way. The creature in question must be on your plane of existence and within 10 miles per caster level.

Transcendence (Ex): The power of your archfey patron infuses you, transforming you into a fey as well. As an fey you are no longer affected by abilities that target humanoids such as hold person. Additionally, your resilience increases, giving you a +4 on saves versus enchantment and a +2 luck bonus to reflex and will saves. These bonuses override the previous ones granted by Patron's Resilience. Finally, at your DM's discretion, you may be extended invitation to the Seelie or Unseelie fey court so your patron may show you off to the court members.

DM note: information about the fey courts can be found in the Wizards of the Coast archive here

Final Blessing (Sp):

Wild Hunt Blast (7th, dark, eldritch essence): This eldritch essence summons the ghostly forms of the wild hunt to strike down the pact warlock’s enemies. When damaged by a Wild Hunt Blast, a creature must succeed a will save or act as if staggered for one minute. This does not actually increase nonlethal damage to their current hit points, it just restricts them to a single action per round. Additionally, landing a critical hit with the blast triggers an effect identical to a phantasmal killer spell. The save DC of the phantasmal killer is the same as the invocation. All effects of this invocation aside from the original damage are mind affecting abilities.

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