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Creating an Arcanist Wizard[edit]

Arcanist Wizards have spent large amounts of time studying how to effectively control raw arcane energy. Many make it their business to seek out, study, and archive magical artifacts.

Class Features[edit]

Arcane Residue: Some of your spells leave a magical residue in their wake; a powdery substance that holds residual energies. You may expend them to augment your spells. If a spell targets multiple creatures, you may only apply the augment to one of them. You may spend multiple arcane residues at a time as a Free Action. The amount of arcane residues you can hold is unlimited, but they disappear at the end of the encounter, or after 5 minutes.

Arcane Residues required Augment Description
1 The target is slowed Arcane energies bind the target's feet, making it more difficult to move
1 +2 to the attack roll You combust the powder in your hand, absorbing it's powers and expending them
1 Push the target 1 square You focus the energy into pushing the target away
1 Deal Intelligence modifier damage to a creature adjacent to the target The arcane energy splashes nearby targets
1 The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn You weaken your foes by overwhelming them

Arcanist Wizard[edit]

As an Arcanist, you automatically gain Arcanic Blast, and Magic Missile as two of your level 1 At-Will spells. You may choose any wizard powers, along with the Arcanist, wizard powers linked below.

Suggested Feat: Expanded Spellbook (Human Feat: Action Surge)
Suggested Skills: Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Insight
Suggested At-Will Powers: Arcanic Blast, Magic Missile
Suggested Encounter Power: Arcanic Barrage
Suggested Daily Power: Arcane Maelstrom


An Arcanist's powers are called spells. A list can be found here 4e Wizard Powers.

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