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Arcane Grenade
Level: Arcane Pyrotechnician 1-9
Components: none
Casting time: 5min. *(times) level of gredande /(divided by) ArcPyrotech. level.
Range: N/A
Target, Effect, or Area: Anyone caught within the blast radius
Duration: 12 hours or until dispelled
Saving Throw: reflex half/none (see spell description)
Spell Resistance: yes

This is, quite simply, the main damage dealing spell and staple of the arcane pyrotechnician class: You create in front of you a small, egg-sized ball of arcane energy that you may carry with you using the arcane suppression extraordinary ability. When thrown, this ball of energy lands on a square as if you were throwing a weapon such as alchemist's fire. the sphere of magic thusly explodes, dealing its effect (usually damage) mainly in the square it lands, but also splashing the squares surrounding it, with a full blast diameter of 15, 20, or 30 ft. With each ascending level of the spell, a new type of grenade is available for creation; also, with ascending spell levels, the damage die of the grenade increases as does range. All of this information is summarized in the following table, "Arcane Grenade Statitics." Full damage is done to targets in the center blast area (Reflex half) and half to targets in the splash area (Reflex none). The save DC is based on the caster's spell DC, as any other spell.

Arcane Grenade Statistics
Arcane Grenade Spell Level Type Learned Damage Max lvl radius(ft)
I Basic, Flaming 1d4 per lvl 8 10
II flash/smoke 1d6 per lvl 10 10
III spiking 1d8 per lvl 12 15
IV freezing 1d10 per lvl 14 15
V shocking 1d6+1d4 per lvl 16 20
VI blasting 2d6 per lvl 18 20
VII melting 1d8+1d4 per lvl 20 25
VIII screaming 1d8+1d6 20 25
IX elemental 2d8 none 30

flaming pretty obvious damage is considered fire

flash/smoke nonlethal distracting grenades, with flash enemies that can see must make a will (typical spell DC) save or be dazed for (casterlevel)/2 rounds. smoking, creatures within five ft. are considered concealed beyond that characters are considered blindand blocks the ability scent.

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