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Arcane Energy Spell [Metamagic]

Your arcane knowledge of the energies of the world are so great that you can manipulate them into any form of energy.
Prerequisite: Any three metamagic feats, Int 20, Knowledge (arcana) 15 ranks, arcane caster level 12th
Benefit: You can now take any of your damage spells with an energy descriptor and modify that spell to use any energy descriptor of your own choosing.

Example, when fighting a construct you can modify a Fireball spell's fire damge to be sonic instead, and when fighting an incorporeal being you can modify the selected spell to have the force descriptor, and so on. The modification does not change the spell in any other way. A Fireball spell still works like a fireball, except with a new energy descriptor.

You can use Arcane Energy Spells six times per day. An Arcane Energy Spell uses a spell slot one level higher than normal. You can gain this feat multiple times, gaining six extra Arcane Energy cast, each time.
Special: You can sacrifice two of these uses to give a spell a new energy descriptor, permanently, without the extra level cost.

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