Arcane Binding (3.5e Incantation)

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Arcane Binding
Effective Level: Using "3.5e Effective Level" as property chain is not permitted during the annotation process.
Skill Check: Spellcraft DC 85 (2 successes)
Failure: 1 Failed Check
Components: Verbal, Somatic, F
Casting Time: Full-Round Action
Range: Touch
Target: A single target, designated by touch.
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Reflex save negates
Spell Resistance: No

A powerfull incantation, made to seal an enemy's magic permanently, by separating them from the weave. By separating the foe from the weave of magic itself, the caster removes the being's ability to cast magic. The victum of this incantation permantly looses the ability to cast all spells and spell-like abilities. Furthermore, the victum can no longer be affected by beneficial spells and spell-like abilities. For example, a being affected by this incantation can no longer be ressurrected or reincarnated.

Focus: A type of stone immune to most magic, costing at least 6,000 gp (The stone is not destroyed)

XP Cost: 10,000 XP

Failure: Reversal: Upon failing a single check, the incantation instead affects the caster.

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