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Medium humanoid (any race), any alignment

Armor Class 18 (scale mail, shield)
Hit Points 11 (2d8 + 2)
Speed 30 ft.

10 (+0) 14 (+2) 12 (+1) 10 (+0) 12 (+1) 10 (+0)

Skills Perception +3
Proficiency Bonus +2
Senses passive Perception 13
Languages any one language (usually Common)
Challenge 1/2 (100 XP)

Marksman. When the arbalester scores a critical hit against a creature using a ranged weapon, the target must succeed on a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw or suffer one of the following effects (arbalester's choice):
Eye Shot. The target is blinded for 1 minute.
Leg Shot. The target is knocked prone and its speed is reduced by half for 1 minute. Until the effect ends, the prone creature can't stand up.
An affected creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.


Arbalest. Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, range 100/600 ft., one target. Hit: 13 (2d10 + 2) piercing damage. The arbalester can't use this action unless it has used its Set Up action.

Set Up. The arbalester sets up its arbalest and can make attacks with it. While its arbalest is set up, the arbalester's speed is reduced to 0 feet.

Shortsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing damage.

"Crossbow" by Andrey Shishkin (1960)

Arbalesters are the rugged tough yeomen infantry that hunt in the forests with their crossbows gathering pheasants and deer for their lords' banquet halls during peacetime as well as killing peasant poachers who make their way onto the lord's pristine hunting grounds. In wartime they don crude but effective brigandine armor with their heavy pavise shields they prop up and use as cover. In a pinch these tough crossbowmen can quickly turn into effective shield bearing infantry with their short swords.

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