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The psionic plane[edit]

Every psionic creature has the ability to manifest itself to the psionic plane, this is a mirror plane, exactly the same as the material plane except that only a few may enter it. When a psionic creature becomes psionically focused he may enter and exit the plane as a move equivalent action. When the creature is on this plane they are effectively in two places at once, the position of their body and the position of their mind.

On the plane they have an effective hp equal to their power points plus their hit points. All damage gets dealt to their power points. Once the psionicist loses all their power points they can chose to leave the psionic plane (as a free action), preventing creatures from attacking them in that plane. A non-psionic creature may be dragged to the psionic plane in 2 ways:

  1. In a grapple a psionically focused creature may move them both to the psionic plane, this takes a full-round action and the target may make a will save (DC = 10+Psionicists Level+Psionicists highest casting abilities modifier).
  2. A variety of powers are made to take people to the psionic plane.

Creatures in the plane[edit]


A non-psionic creature in the psionic plane may not control their body and their mind at once naturally. They must succeed a knowledge (psionics) or concentration check DC15. Without these skills it is just a intelligence or a constitution check. If they succeed they may sacrifice an action to gain the same action in the psionic plane. A non-psionic creature may not voluntarily leave the plane, they must stay on it for a number of rounds equal to either:

  • 1d4 per 2 of the psionicists levels if they are dragged in during a grapple.
  • As per the spells description (for spells that are made to drag the creature to the psionic plane).


When a psionic creature is in the psionic plane it may chose to give up an action in the material plane and gain that action in the psionic plane. Feats and other class abilities allow them to move more often and gain extra bonuses in the psionic plane or other bonuses that allow them to take non-psionic creatures to the plane.

Leaving the plane[edit]

A creature may leave or be forced to leave the plane in a variety of ways:

  1. A psionic creature with psionic focus may use a move action (either in the plane or not).
  2. A psionic creature may cast powers at others to eject them from the plane.
  3. If a psionic creature suffers 'death from massive damage' while it still has power points instead of dying it loses all its power points and may leave the plane as a free action.
  4. A non-psionic creature may make a knowledge (psionics) or concentration check DC25 as a move-equivalent action tat provokes attacks of opportunity.


When a power is cast in the psionic plane it costs one less step of power points (a level one power costs the same), a level 2 power costs the same as a level 1 power and so on.. Some feats may grant the creature benefits to casting in the psionic plane. All meta-psionics cost one less spell level.

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