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Evocation, Transmutation. [Death, Evil, Fire, Acid.]
Spellcraft DC: 394
Components: XP, S.
Casting time: Full-round action.
Range: 9,999 ft.
Target, Effect, or Area: 3km radius for full effect then partial out to 9kms, sphere shaped.
Duration: Instantaneous: see text
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates, Reflex half: see text.
Spell Resistance: No: see text
To Develop: Seeds: Afflict (DC+14), Destroy (DC+29), Energy (DC+25), Energy (DC+25), Energy (DC+19), Energy (DC+19), Slay (DC+25), Transport (DC+27). Factors: increase Destroy damage to 500d6 total (DC+860), change afflict to spread magical diseases (ad-hoc DC+50), combine innate power of fire and earth planes to create plasma (ad-hoc DC+100), increase damage die to d20 (DC+40), change from target to area (DC+10), change are to 20 ft radius (DC+2), change area to sphere (ad-hoc DC+10), increase area by 48,900% (DC+1956), increase plasma damage to 300d6 total (DC+580), blast effects material, astral and ethereal plane (ad-hoc DC+50), ignore SR, evasion, mettle and similar effects at ground zero (ad-hoc DC+40), increase range by 3,300% (DC+66), create partially damaged areas out to three times standard range (ad-hoc DC+487), no somatic component (DC+2), no verbal component (DC+2). Mitigating factors: requires sacrifice of a lesser or higher ranked deity must kill them permanently (ad-hoc DC/5), burn 20,000xp (DC-200), 293d6 backlash (DC-293). Material cost: 3,546,000gp. Research time: 72 days to develop. XP cost: 141,840xp

Annihilation is the only word that can describe this spell, it levels mountains, slaughters army's and strikes fear into the Gods themselves. As the caster finishes casting this spell a tiny sphere of light appears at the designated point, stilling the air as if before a storm, it then appears to compress itself into an impossibly small size before expanding into a blinding explosion. Unless one can pass a DC 4,434 spell craft check then you must first sacrifice a Deity of lesser or higher divine rank to cast this spell, paying 20,000xp and surviving 293d6 backlash damage. To sacrifice a Deity to power this spell one must declare this as their intention before killing them, they must then get the final blow against said Deity. By doing this they gain one 'charge' for the spell but receive no Quintessence from killing it. A character expends one 'charge' whenever they attempt to cast the spell, a character can hold an infinite number of 'charges'. Those within 3km (9,843ft) appear to be overcome by a blinding white light, while those within 9km (29,528ft) but further than 3km are starkly outlined by the explosion as its effects sweep over them.

This spell is comparable to a medium sized nuke in its destructive capabilities. It affects everything within range whether it be person, building, mountain or God and it does so across the material, astral and ephemeral planes. Those receiving the spells full effect (Ground zero and those within 3km) take 500d20 damage of no particular energy or type as well as 300d20 plasma damage. This plasma is a highly energetic substance that is formed from extremely concentrated combined essences innate to the Elemental Plane of Fire and the Elemental Plane of Earth. Its power is too primal to be reduced by resistance or even immunity to both acid and fire. Any with 80HD or below must also pass a Fortitude save or be killed instantly, on a successful save they instead take 3d6+20 damage. Everything within 3km is also affected similarly to the disintegrate spell, with any killed/destroyed reduced to a fine dust and magical matter such as energy effects and force walls being similarly effected.

If caught by the initial blast then characters must immediately roll to resist Warp Touch disease and must then re-roll to resist another random magical disease every round they remain within an area initially affected by disease. An area remains 'diseased' for a number of days equal to the damage those in said area received (before DR, etc). The spell also creates hurricane level winds during the round its cast and for 1d4 rounds after and raises the temperature 6F per caster level. Cold spells in the area suffer a 10% chance of failing and deal 3/4 normal damage. Chill metal does not function as normal in the area. Metals left unattended are affected by heat metal for the duration of the spell. Those attended by creatures must make a Fortitude save (equal to their bearer's save or their own, whichever is greater) every hour, failure indicates they are affected by heat metal. Creatures spending special attention to their objects, such as covering them in cloth receive a +4 circumstance bonus to the save, items affected by chill metal are immune to these effects. Precipitation in the area automatically evaporates before reaching the ground (see rules for dying of thirst). Water in the area begins to evaporate at roughly 1 minute per cubic feet. (Water in sealed containers is unaffected). This last for a number of days equal to the spells total damage across al affected areas.

All those within 500 ft of the spells origin receive no SR, or benefit from feats such as evasion or mettle and receive all the spells effects. All those within 3km but farther than 500ft receive SR as well as use of feats such as evasion and mettle but still receive the spells full effects. All those within 4km (13,123ft) but farther than 3km receive one quarter of the spells damage and are not affected by the Slay component but still receive the full effect caused by disease and weather. Those within 5km (16,404ft) receive one eighth of the spells damage and are fully affected by the disease and weather effects. Those within 6km (19,865ft) but farther than 5km take one sixteenth of the spells damage but receive no plasma damage and are still fully affected by disease and weather effects. Those within 8km (26,246ft) but farther than 6km take no damage from the spell but are effected by disease and weather effects. All those within 9km (29,527ft) but farther than 8km is unaffected by the diseases but fully affected by the weather effects. Anyone further than 9km from the initial blast is completely unaffected.

XP Cost: 20,000xp

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