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Animate Wall [Metamagic]

You can make your wall spells move.
Benefit: You can animate your wall spell. The wall can move very slowly: 5 feet as a full round action; but must maintain its original shape and size. You direct the wall's movement as a free action on your turn. Walls must remain in contact with the ground if normally required to do so. This feat can only affect straight, vertical walls. If moving in a certain direction would force the wall to bend, break, or otherwise change its shape; it cannot move in that direction and you will know this. You can continue to direct the wall's movement for either the spell's normal duration or 1 minute/level (if the wall's duration is instantaneous or permanent). If the wall's normal duration is instantaneous, while under the effects of this feat it can be dispelled as if it had a duration other than instantaneous. Instantaneous Conjuration (Creation) school walls that are dispelled end the wall's ability to move but do not affect the wall otherwise. Solid walls (such as wall of stone, wall of iron, or wall of force) can automatically push Medium or smaller creatures out of their space. Such creatures caught between them and another solid structure, take damage equal to your caster level per round when the creature's actual space is squeezed against something solid. A successful Reflex save versus the wall's normal spell DC negates the damage for that round and allows the creature to move at half speed along the wall. Climbing over such a wall is a valid method of escape as is cutting through the wall with weapons (especially adamantine weapons). Animated Walls cannot push or crush creatures of larger than Medium size. Damaging walls (such as wall of thorns, blade barrier, or wall of fire) deal their normal damage per round when they push against a creature's square. Again, a Reflex save versus the wall's normal spell DC negates the damage for that round. These types of walls cannot push or crush creatures. Wall of ice deals the damage listed for solid walls unless the creature breaks through (Strength check DC 15 + wall's spell level); then it does the damage listed for the wall of ice spell. Wall of ice can push Medium or smaller creatures just as other solid walls can. Some walls can not deal damage in this way (such as wind wall and illusory wall) and either have their normal effects or are dissipated when pushed against the creature's square. An Animate Wall spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.
Normal: Your wall spells do not move.
Author: David Sanders © David Sanders 2005   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
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