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Altered Natural Caster[edit]

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Creating an Altered Natural Caster[edit]

This is an acquired template that can be applied to any creature with natural spellcasting abilities (such as rakshasa[casts spells as a 7th level sorcerer] and nymph[casts spells as a 7th level druid]).


The creature that acquires this template can change the class of its natural spellcasting ability. For example a rakshasa with this template could change its natural spellcasting class to warlock, so it would use invocations as a 7th level warlock. Or a nymph could cast spells as a 7th level bard.

To gain this template the creature must have at least one level of the class for which it wants to change its natural spellcasting ability. It must undergo a ritual in which it changes the spellcasting ability. The ritual takes seven days to complete but doesn't have to be uninterrupted. But once the ritual is started the creature does not have the natural spellcasting ability until it completes the ritual. The ritual has three phaces. First the creature studies the new class, then it “destroys” the old spellcasting ability and for the last days it learns and practices the new spellcasting ability. Doing all this in a short time is consuming so the creature loses one class level of the class it needed for this template.

The creature needs at least 1 rank in knowledge(arcana) and spellcraft to make the ritual. If the new spellcasting class is a religious one the creature must have also 1 rank in knowledge(religion) and if the class is nature related it must have 1 rank in knowledge(nature) in addition to the ranks in knowledge(arcana) and spellcraft.

This template also gives the creature one metamagic feat and a +4 bonus to the ability governing the key ability for the creature’s new natural spellcasting class.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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