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Whilst described as a d20 Modern Race, Allurian's are aliens and best fit in a d20 Future setting, or possibly a genetic modification heavy d20 Modern setting.

Home world[edit]

Alluria is an awe inspiring world of jungle and oceans. About a third larger again than earth it has a G level of 1.1 and a pressure of 1.02 atm. It is about 50% water and features a far more stable core and tectonic system than earth. Very few of it's native life forms are carnivorous or omnivorous and almost none of the native plant life is poisonous. As a result it is considered by many to be an unspoiled paradise. It is called Aphroterra, after a greek goddess.

The Allurians[edit]

It's people, the Allurians (not their own name, but then again their own name is the same as the word for "people"), are of about human proportions with pale grey skin, blue eyes and long grey hair. They are very attractive by human standards and there is some genetic evidence that the two races share a common heritage. On the other hand their is no historical evidence for this and in any case the technology required is far in advance of human tech. Alluria is now ruled by (insert wolrd appropriate conqueror race here) and the allurian royal family, who where at one time in the distant past worshipped as gods, are in hiding on the spa planet of Orgmost 998. Allurians have slow but deep emotions and take great pride in their hair as it denotes status. Queen Asumi and her royal prince consorts all have hair at least 12ft long. Allurians also possess a set of glands that excrete hormones that endear them to others, even those of other races (with a little training that all allurians get from childhood). The existence of these glands is a well kept secret. They are omnivorous but their sense of taste it different to humans such that they find meat for the most part bland and slightly bitter.

Racial bonuses[edit]

Abilites: +2 Cha, -2 Con. Allurians are stunning but frail by human standards.

Medium size

Base speed: 30ft

Not human:No bonus feat or skill points for Allurians.

Hormone glands:Up to three times a day, Allurians can create a cloud of hormones that affects the attitude of sentient humanoids around them (not inorganic life forms). The cloud lasts one minute although wind can disperse it quicker. All valid creatures within 30ft during that time must make a DC 10 + 1/2 Allurian's hd + Allurian's cha mod or feel strongly attracted to them. The hormones are blocked by environmental filters and similar.

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