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All the Science [General, Wizard][edit]

"We just scienced the sh#t out of this f#ck." -Sir Majesty
Prerequisite: 6th level, 9+ ranks in Knowledge (Science), Bigger Science
Benefit: If you need a last second answer to a technological problem, you know to cross the streams, divert power to the rear shields, reboot the power, and even to kick the device if the previous solutions don't work. You can take 20 on a knowledge (Science) check when you would normally be able to take 10, and you can take 10 even when you wouldn't normally be able to, such as in battle (this does not mean you can always take 20, only when you would be able to take 10 without this feat can you do such). You also gain another +2 to Knowledge (Science), as well as a +2 to one specific craft or profession skill of your choice. Your knowledge and experience of armor and weapons allows you to use your intelligence in place of strength and dexterity for melee and ranged attacks, this does not however allow you to use or perform actions with these weapons that would require a higher strength or dexterity than you have, for example, using a mighty longbow with a +4 strength modifier. If you do not have an 18 - 19 strength, you cannot use this.
Special: Unfortunately, with your increased unparalleled knowledge of the scientific world, you have lost vitality. This could be due to those fungi you studied for 3 weeks, the constant exposure to chemicals, lack of physical activity, old age, and a great many other things. You receive a -2 on all constitution based checks. And your eccentric personality, appearance, and mannerisms cause all creatures who would normally react positively to you to be considered indifferent.

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