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Movers and Shakers[edit]

The Alchemist

A human alchemist whom arrived to this world 1500 years ago. Coming from a land where magic did not exist, he was taught by the Gnomes their skills. He eventually would use them to ammass an army that would decimate and change the face of Shekastkoré where he would rule with an iron fist, causing damage wherever he went. He controls all the Tinker gnomes and goblins, and has enslaved the Mountain Dwarves, Fireblood Dwarves, and the Chromatic dragons. What is left of his body has been replaced with gnomish technology and some of his own design.

Notable People[edit]

Satya & Gula Gulpa

The Halfling Twins in charge of all the operations of the Flotsam and Jetsam Market in the Tange Gozand. A firey pair of Otterlings that rule the market with a tight purse and audacious personalities.

Albin Wyrmsbane

An aged adventuring Dwarf smithy of great renown. A chosen one from birth, at the age of 20 with two smithy hammers he took down a terroristic Wyrm at what is now known as Wyrmsbane's Drop. Not coming out unscathed he has a deep scar from his forehead down his left cheek to his mouth. He moves in secret circles and can be found behind the scenes of many an adventure.

General NPCs[edit]

Played Characters[edit]

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