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School of Alchemy[edit]

An alchemy wizard is an expert at combining exotic reagents to produce a variety of materials, from healing droughts that can mend a wound in moments to clinging goo that slows creatures down or powerful potions that shake the very laws of magic.

Alchemy Savant

Starting at 2nd level when you choose this school, you gain proficiency with Alchemist's Supplies and Herbalism Kit.

Also, the resources and time you must spend to use your Alchemist's Supplies or Herbalism Kit to brew non-magical concoctions are 1/4 or brew magical concoctions by half The concoctions you can make include those as detailed in the [Artificer] page under "Formulae". These concoctions scale with your level as they would for the artificer. If an Alchemical Formula option requires a saving throw, the DC is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

Infuse Potions

At 2nd level, not only can you brew useful alchemical concoctions, but you can turn the very magical essence of your spells into liquid and store it in vials to further use by yourself or your allies.

You can infuse a non-concentration spell that you have prepared (spending components and slots as normal) into a small vial filled with water, creating a spell potion. The potion takes the normal casting time of the spell to be produced and may be used by the alchemist as a bonus action on the same turn it was made. Alternatively you can keep the spell potion for up to 24 hours, after which it loses its power. If a spell states that its effect ends if it is casted again (i.e. Spiritual Weapon), it will fade if another vial is infused with the same spell. You can not have more than your Intelligence modifier + 1 (minimum of 2) active at once. This limit increases by 2 every time you gain a feature in this subclass.

Potions can be consumed or thrown, If thrown make a ranged attack as an improvised weapon (20/60) in which you are proficient with, shattering on impact and casting the spell as if that area was the target or point of origin. A willing creature's AC is considered to be 10. The shattered potion is the point of origin for the spell and is centered on it for touch and sphere spells or on the direction of its impact for line, cube, cone, and cylinder spells. The spell's DC, damage, and other effects are determined by the Alchemist's spell casting ability when infusing the potion. Persistent effects (i.e. Arcane Lock, Charm Person, Spiritual Weapon, etc.) are controlled by the user of the potion, but the Alchemist who infused it may interrupt the effects as a bonus action.

Improved Brewing

At 6th level, after extensive research of concoctions, creating regents, and observing reactions, you learn to craft any potion of common or uncommon rarity. Common potions require 15 gp in materials to create, and uncommon require 30 Gp to create.

You double your proficiency when using your Alchemist's Supplies or Herbalism Kit.

You may now instead use your Intelligence modifier when throwing any type of potion or alchemical concoction. Additionally, you can add your Intelligence modifier to any roll made using alchemical concoctions. This bonus excludes spell potions.

Alchemical Prowess

At 10th level, you've reached an almost intuitive understanding of alchemical concoctions and their nuances.

You may inspect a potion for 1 minute using your Alchemist's Supplies, if you roll a 10 or higher, you learn of its effects. If you roll a 16 or higher, you learn of it's ingredients as well and may attempt to recreate the potion at a disadvantage.

Additionally, you may spend 1 hour concentrating on stabilizing the magical essence of a 1st level Infused Potion. 20 gp is consumed during the ritual. Using your Alchemist Supplies, on a 14 or higher the spell potion becomes permanent. On a 13 to 9, the potion is unaffected but you loose half the gold. On a 8 or lower the gold and potion is lost. Starting at 14th level, you may stabilize 2nd level spell potions. 40 gp is consumed during the process. Starting at 17th level, you may stabilize 3rd level spell potions. 60 gp is consumed during the process.

Alchemist Stone

At 14th level, as the pinnacle of your alchemist studies, you are able to develop and craft an Alchemist Stone.

The Alchemist Stone is always attuned to its creator and doesn't count against your maximum amount of attuned items. It acts as a +2 Magical Arcane Focus.

As an action once per day, you may release the Alchemist Stone's power to unleash its stored energy, casting a 7th level spell or lower of your choosing from any spell list without using a slot or consuming components. Once your Alchemist Stone's energy is released, you must spend 8 uninterrupted hours and 200 gp to recharge it. Alternatively, you can spend spell slots equivalent to half the level of spell you used(rounded up) + 2 and waver the gold cost. At 17th level you can cast an 8th level spell using the Alchemist Stone. If you do so, the cost to recharge the stone is doubled. At 20th level you can cast a 9th level spell using the Alchemist Stone. If you do so, the cost to recharge the stone is tripled. Additionally you can now cast two 7th level spells before requiring recharging.


This subclass is a modified version of the homebrew "School of Alchemy" by G. Scary T ( The original version can also be found on DnD Beyond under the same name. [Always remember to reference other people's works!]

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