Alchemist Discoveries (Pathfinder Alternate Class Feature)

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Alchemist Discoveries[edit]

Class: Alchemist

Level: 2

Benefit: You can learn these alchemical discoveries alongside the regular discoveries learned by the alchemist.

Alchemical Creature. As a full-round action, you can expend two daily uses of bombs to create a tiny construct. This may either a stirge, dolphin, or eagle. This construct has all construct traits as well. Undirected, they take no actions except to flock around you in your square (if possible) and follow you as best they can. They can be attacked normally. As a swift action, you can order one of your constructs to attack an enemy it can see. Once ordered to attack that enemy it won't stop until the target is dead or it is ordered to stop. These constructs last 10 min/level.

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