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Rogue Subclass

Much like the assassin subclass, alchemists specialize in the art of killing discreetly (or not). The few rogues that choose this class are masters at using potions to control life and death.

Tools of the Trade

Beginning at 3rd level you gain proficiency with Alchemist Supplies and the Poisoners Kit. You also gain advantage on crafting Poisons and Explosives using these tools.

Professional poisoner

Your knowledge of poisons shows in your skills. When you apply a poison to a weapon, the poisons you create doesn't lose its potency until used on a creature. Additionally, you are immune to the effects of your own poison and have advantage on constitution saving throws against poisons.

Basic poison

During a short or long rest you can spend 15 minutes to craft an alchemist's poison. When a target consumes this poison, they take 1d4 poison damage and must succeed on a constitution saving throw (dc = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your intelligence modifier) or suffer the poisoned condition for one minute.

Specialty poison

As you gain levels in this class you can increase the potency of your alchemist's poison. Choose one of the effects below, than choose another at 9th, 13th, and 17th level. You can pick the same effect multiple times and whenever you gain a level you can replace an effect with another one on this list.

  • Increase the damage of your alchemist's poison by 1d4.
  • You learn how to strengthen your poisons, choose one of the following conditions: Charmed, Frightened, exhaustion, stunned. When you craft your alchemist's poison, you can choose one condition from this list that you know and add it to your poison's effects. A creature that takes damage from your alchemist's poison must make a constitution saving throw (dc = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your intelligence modifier) on a failed save they suffer the effect for one minute, ending the condition on a success. They can repeat the save at the end of each of their turns.
  • The duration of your alchemist's poison's conditions is increased. For one of these effects, the duration becomes 5 minutes. For two, 15 minutes. For three, one hour. And for four, 8 hours.
  • When crafting your alchemist's poison, you can choose to make it an inhalant poison. This type of poison explodes in a 5ft radius, every creature that breathes in this area is effected by the poison. Taking this effect multiple times expands the radius by 5ft.
  • You can deal your sneak attack damage against one creature hit by your poison, provided you have not already used your sneak attack that turn. Taking this effect multiple times allows you to deal half your sneak attack damage against an additional creature for every effect after the first.

Advanced pharmaceuticals

At ninth level, you learn to heal as well as hurt. You gain proficiency in the herbalism kit and can use half as much materials and time to craft a potion of healing, antitoxin, or poison. Additionally, when you roll a 1 on the damage dice of your poison, you can reroll and must use the result of the new roll.

Expert Alchemist

At 13th level, you are adept in your profession and gain expertise in either alchemists supplies, poisoner's kit, or the herbalism kit. When you roll a critical success to hit someone with your poison, you can add an additional 1d6 to your poison damage.

Quick crafting

Through repetition, you have become skilled at crafting your poison in little time. At 17th level, whenever you take a rest, you can create up to 2d6 alchemists poisons. If you have a poisoner's kit or herbalism kit, you can spend one minute to create an alchemist's poison at any time once per long rest. Additionally, the time you need to brew a potion or antitoxin is halved.

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