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Alchemist's Longsword[edit]

A rather strange contraption that makes mechanical whirls and strange noises while powered. It has a small compartment that is used to store different alchemical items that is ejected upon hit. This contraption is used by the few alchemist who knew of it to help themselves in melee combat. This longsword is usable by any alchemist as if they are proficient with it. If a non-alchemist wishes to use it, it is an exotic light blade, and anyone not-proficient with it is unable to attempt to use it.

While it is a long sword the heavy modifications to it cause the damage to be reduced to 1d4 for a medium size.

  • SPECIAL: As a swift action, a creature may put an alchemist item inside of the compartment that must be worth at least 50 gold, this does not not provoke an attack of opportunity. Once this is done the item is crushed unless it is an alchemist bomb. (see below) This empowers the sword, causing it to make whirling noises. For the next 1d10+1 per 50 gold worth of the item destroyed it causes the sword to become powered. This increases the damage by 1d6 fire damage, and 1d6 acid damage, if the value of the item is greater than 100 gold the die sizes increase to 1d10, if it is greater than 200 the die sizes increase to 1d12 and also does 1d12 lightning damage. During the time it is powered it loudly whirls and clicks, giving the wielder -20 to stealth. If a new item is put in the compartment it increases the duration by 1d4+1 per 50 gold value, even if this is worth less or more than the first item it continues to use the original dice sizes. An alchemist may store a bomb they made this turn in the compartment. The bomb does not go inert until 1 minute has passed. When the sword hits a target, the bomb deals damage to the creature hit and does splash damage as normal. This bomb may have any bomb discoveries applied to it, except for any that would change it to not be thrown. On a critical hit the damages are doubled as normal, including the bomb damage. On a 1 attack roll while the weapon is powered the longsword jams and causes a miniature explosion, dealing 1d12 fire damage to every creature within 5 feet, a successful reflex save of DC 15 halves the damage, the wielder gets no save. The weapon takes no damage from this, but 1 round of the duration is taken away.

  • COST: 500 gold
  • CRAFT: Crafting an Alchemist's Longsword requires a DC 30 alchemy check

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