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Bile Spider Goblins are based on the article "Role vs. Roll: Alchemically Imbalanced" in Dragon Magazine #364. The Bile Spider King, Ziguarz, has experimented with foul alchemical concoctions, altering and mutating his tribe members, allied humanoids, and companion creatures. Bile Spider goblins are either Alchemically Altered, or use alchemical-type items and attacks. Alchemically Altered creatures will have poison, acid, or both added to their attacks, powers, and characteristics. Any additional Bile Spider goblins mentioned in this entry will eventually be added to the wiki.

Alchemically Altered Goblin Skullcleaver (Bile Spider Goblin Tribe)[edit]

Alchemically altered goblins have been the subject of foul experiments by the Bile Spider Goblin king, Ziguarz. They are part of the Bile Spider tribe, and like all Bile Spider goblins they will have a green spider emblem somewhere on their armor, weapons, or clothing. They may also have it as face paint or a tattoo. Alchemically altered goblins are warped and mutated--use your imagination to come up with a vile, disgusting description.

Alchemically Altered Goblin Skullcleaver
Level 3 Brute
Small natural humanoid ((goblin))
XP 150
Initiative +3 Senses Perception +2; low-light vision
HP 53; Bloodied 26
AC 16; Fortitude 15, Reflex 14, Will 12
Immune acid
Speed 5
Basicmelee.png Battleaxe
Effect: +6 vs AC;1d10 + 5 damage, or 2d10 + 5 damage when bloodied
Bloodied Rage
Effect: The goblin skullcleaver loses the ability to use goblin tactics and can do nothing but attack the nearest enemy, charging when possible.
Goblin Tactics
Close.png Alchemical Breath ♦ 5
Effect: Close blast 10;+2 vs Will;1d6 +2 acid damage, and 2 ongoing acid damage (save ends).
Skills Stealth +9, Thievery +9
Str 18 (+5) Dex 14 (+3) Wis 13 (+2)
Con 13 (+2) Int 8 (+0) Cha 8 (+0)
Alignment Evil Languages Common, Goblin
Equipment chainmail, battleaxe

Alchemically Altered Goblin Skullcleaver Tactics[edit]

Uncharacteristically brave, Alchemically Altered goblin skullcleavers charge boldly (perhaps foolishly) into melee, using Alchemical Breath first, and using Goblin Tactics to move into flanking positions. When bloodied, they fly into a savage rage, attacking without concern for their own wellbeing.

Alchemically Altered Goblin Skullcleaver Lore[edit]

A character knows the following information with a successful History or Nature check.

DC 10: Goblins can move fast and easily reposition themselves. Some larger goblins are known to fly into a berserker rage when bloodied.

DC 15: Bile Spider Goblins use a green spider symbol for their tribe. People have seen other humanoids allied with the Bile Spider Goblins, including species that don't normally associate with goblins.

DC 20: There have been reports of strangely deformed and mutated creatures associating with Bile Spider Goblins. They also have been seen to use strange attacks that seem magical or alchemical in nature. This appears to be one of the strangely mutated humanoids mentioned in the rumors.

Encounter Groups[edit]

Alchemically Altered Goblin Skullcleavers will use the tactics above most of the time. They will particularly try to engage defenders or melee strikers, to keep them away from the goblin's allies who are artillery, or magic users. If there are skirmishers or lurkers in the encounter group, the goblin skullcleaver will attempt to flank with them whenever possible.

Level 2 Encounter (XP 700)

  • 4 Bile Spider Goblin Cutters (Level 1 Minion Skirmisher)
  • 2 Bile Spider Goblin Sharpshooters (Level 2 Artillery)
  • 2 Bile Spider Goblin Warriors (Level 1 Skirmisher)
  • 1 Alchemically Altered Goblin Skullcleaver (Level 3 Brute)

Level 3 Encounter (XP 750)

  • 1 Alchemically Altered Deathjump Spider (Level 4 Skirmisher)
  • 1 Alchemically Altered Goblin Skullcleaver (Level 3 Brute)
  • 2 Bile Spider Sharpshooters (Level 2 Artillery)
  • 1 Bile Spider Goblin Warrior (Level 1 Skirmisher)
  • 3 Bile Spider Goblin Cutter (Level 1 Minion Skirmisher)

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