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Alchemical Poisoner (replaces Conclave Spells)[edit]

This variant ranger feature replaces the conclave spells gained by the ranger subclass at 3rd level.

Starting at 3rd level, you know how to create alchemical substances and poisonous oils. You gain proficiency in alchemist supplies and the poisoners kit.

In addition, you develop your own recipes to create unique substances, that can only be safely applied by you. At the end of a short or a long rest, you can spend a spell slot to gain 2 alchemy points, plus 1 point for each level of the spell spent. Then, if you have an alchemist supply or poisoner's kit with you, you can spend any amount of these points to create a poison vial. Using a bonus action, you can coat a weapon or piece of ammunition with a poison from the vial. When you hit a creature with the poisoned attack, you cause additional 1d10 poison damage.

In addition, that gains a number of poison stacks equal to the amount of alchemy points spent on the poison. A creature with one or more poison stacks is poisoned. At the end of each turn, the creature loses 1 poison stack and take poison damage equal to the amount of stacks left. In addition, when a creature have poison stacks, you can use special oils that trigger special reactions on the poisoned creature:

Ignition Oil (0 alchemic points). The oil causes the poisonous substance to ignite, causing additional 1d10 fire damage per number of stacks the creature have.
Decrepticfying Oil (1 alchemic point). The poison affects the muscles and reflexes of the target. The target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or have its movement speed reduced to 0 and can't take opportunity attacks until the end of your next turn.
Plague Oil (1 alchemic point). Creates a poisonous cloud around the target. While the target has 1 poison stack left, he has an aura with a radius of 5 feet per stack they have. Any creature that is within the aura when this creature ends its turn gains 1 poison stack.
Corruption Oil (2 alchemic points). The oil intensify the effects of the poison, increasing its effects. The target gain 2 additional stacks, and the damage caused is necrotic, rather than poison.
Combustion Oil (3 alchemic points). The oil thrown provokes a huge explosion. All creatures within 60-foot of the target must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw, or take 1d10 fire damage per amount of stacks the creature has. Creatures with poison stacks automatically fail the save.
Petrifying Oil (3 alchemic points). The poisonous concoction solidifies on the target's skin, petrifying it temporarily. The target must succeed on a Strength saving throw or is petrified. The petrification ends when the target no longer have any poison stacks.
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