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Al-Tae-Fu [General][edit]

A defensive form of martial arts that uses showmanship to convinces potential attackers that the form is more effective than it actually is.
Prerequisite: 10 bluff, Improved Unarmed Strike, 16 Dexterity
Benefit: When attacked by melee, an Al-Tae-Fu master may replace AC with an unarmed strike. If the unarmed strike attack roll is 10 higher than the opponents attack, the opponent is knocked prone and you may make a Bluff check to convince the attacker and all nearby enemies that the defender is a master martial artist. If successful, all enemies with Intelligence of 4 or higher (Sentient) who are focused on the defender or attacker; treat the defender as if they were at least a level 20 monk. If the defender wins the encounter by less than 10, the attack simply fails as it would normally, and no bluff is made.

A person trained in Al-Tae-Fu may only perform this bluff on each opponent once per encounter, and once it is revealed to be a trick, it cannot be done on any who have realized the falsity ever again. A failed bluff, however is not the same as a revealed bluff. the bluff can be revealed by either the Al-Tae-Fu user failing a grapple in view of those effected, or failing any maneuver gracelessly (roll a natural 1) in view of those effected. The effect is permanent until one of these transpires.

Al-Tae-Fu may be used without a bluff check as many times as the defender wishes, but each additional time it is used in the same combat encounter, the attacker begins to predict the movements, thus the Al-Tae-Fu block takes an accumulative -2 on each additional attempt. Failing an Al-Tae-Fu block counts as a failed grapple in regard to revealing the bluff.

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