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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Battle axe with two dice embedded into the hilt
Home Plane: Unknown
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Pleasure, Battle, Laughter, Trickery, Luck
Clergy Alignments: Ajaccio cares not
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Strength, Trickery, War
Favored Weapon: Battle Axe
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Ajaccio, The Laughing God, is the god of the lost city of Corsica. Little is known of Ajaccio except what can be implied from old textbook descriptions of the land he ruled over. Adjaccio was known to have a distaste for war but a fondness for competitive battles. Ajaccio was known to enjoy great gambling houses. Of those who claim to be descendants of Corsica it is said Ajaccio was known for his sense of mischief.


Followers would typically yell "For Corsica" when engaging in battle.

While followers were known for playing elaborate tricks on one another, they never would intentionally inflict harm.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Priests of Ajaccio often worked part-time as dealers and the like in their churches. They are known to make wagers on nearly anything, and enjoyed taunting the followers of rigid deities. Clergy were known to play tricks on their followers and each other.

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