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Air Elemental Warrior[edit]

Druid Subclass

The wind is impartial, let you be a towering giant, a village of innocents, a forest teeming with life; the wind can cut you down. As a druid you embody nature, beautiful or horrific, helpful or hurtful. The winds of change have embodied you and you it.

Circle Spells You gain additional spells which are druid spells, they are always prepared and don't count towards the number of spells they can prepare each day.

Level Spell
3rd gust
5th zephyr strike
7th gust of wind (level 2)

Winds of Change[edit]

Nothing stays the same, the winds of change can destroy anything they choose, as a druid you embody this freedom and destructiveness Starting at 2nd level you may use a bonus action to summon the Winds of change to become your armor. Your armor class is now 8 + dexterity and wisdom; the armor lasts until you dismiss it. While wearing this armor you also take half fall damage and may use a spell slot to deal an extra 1d6 of force damage on a melee attack( Damage increases for by 1d6 for every level above 1st.)

Elemental Movement[edit]

When you reach 6th level your ability to manipulate the air around you grants you the ability to fly for up to 10 minutes. As an action you can use the air around you to gain a flying speed of 30 feet. You can do this a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier (Minimum of once). You regain all uses of this after you finish a long rest.

I am the Storm[edit]

When you reach 10th level you must choose between two paths. The path may be Changed during a long rest.

The Tempest You have gained the Wind's respect, letting you summon them in the form of an elemental. You may cast Conjure Elemental, choosing an Air Elemental. You can do this once per Long Rest at 10th level and twice at 15th level. (You can only have 1 elemental summoned at any time using this feature)

The Guardian Your winds have become more controllable, allowing you to encompass another creature with them, opening their airways and protecting them from harm. The winds given last up to 1 minute, heal the target for 3d4 + your wisdom, along with this they get +3 Ac, +5 ft of movement speed and take half fall damage. This feature can be used a number of times equal to your Wisdom (minimum 1) per long rest and can only be active on 1 other creature at a time, 2 at 15th level.

Elemental Form[edit]

You are the Winds of Hope and Storms of Chaos. When you reach 14th level depending on your choices from earlier you gain one of the following abilities.

The Tempest

The Storm Resides with Me The storm is one with you, you are a true force of nature. As an action, alter your physical form and everything you are wearing/ carrying to be maid of air. In this form you can fly at your walking speed, you can pass through the smallest gap, you are immune to all but psychic and thunder damage, you are immune to all conditions. You can no longer make physical attacks, but as an action you may slam with magical force, dealing 2d8 force damage. You can take this form once per Long rest.

The Guardian

I Am the Winds of Salvation Upon dropping to 0 hit points you may persist at 1 hp summoning the Golden Winds of Salvation to encompass all allies within 60 feet.

The Winds of Salvation grant plus 10 ft of movement. +5 Ac and heal up to the wisdom modifier of the druid who summoned them in hit dice.(Minimum 1)

They may also take the either the disengage or dodge action as a bonus action.

You may only use this feature once per long rest and take one level of exhaustion upon using it.

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