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Aggressive Feint [Skill]

Use Intimidation during a Feint
Prerequisite: Improved Feint, Intimidate +4 Ranks, BAB +3
Benefit: During your Feint Attempt, you may now use 1/2 of your Intimidation Skill, rounding down, in conjunction with your Bluff Skill.
Normal: You may only use Bluff to make a Feint Attempt.
Special: If you find that your Intimidation is a higher overall value than your Bluff, you may instead use your full Intimidation Skill, replacing your Bluff Skill for the Feint Attempt. An example of both situations is listed below;

Nyxen, a Drow Rogue, is rather skilled in making bluffs, and she is quite intimidating as well. Her Bluff Skill has +7 ranks in it, while her Intimidation has 6. When she attempts a Feint, she can take 1/2 of her Intimidation and add it to her Bluff Check; Giving her a total of +10 on her Feint Attempt.

Gro-Gnash, an Orc Barbarian, is very intimidating but is rather poor at making convincing bluffs. His Bluff Skill does not have a single rank invested into it, yet his Intimidation is +8. When he makes a Feint attempt, instead of using only 1/2 of his Intimidation in conjunction with 0 Bluff, he can use his full Intimidation instead.

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