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Aeoryran Geography[edit]

Before its destruction , Aeoryran was an intense and lively continent.
The Sentients ascended here because the hole continent
transformed from jungle land to ice age and then to mild climates.
A cradle of civilisation because it was filled with river deltas
forcing the sentient races to concentrate in pockets lands around the rives.'

Major Regions[edit]

The North Coast

The north coast have hot summers and mild winters, it is very tightly civilised by humans.
The sea storms bring in a lot of warm water and the inland is cooling down the father inland you go
and then it grows hotter as you approach the equator. Within there are river deltas crossing mountains
and mixed areas of eroding desserts and regenerating forests. It was here that there once
where tropical jungles and savannas but the oceans stream of warm water changed
and burned the Northern Aeoryran into desserts and then freeze the land great ice age covered the land.
When that Ice was gone, it morphed into the terrain it has now. The North is full with cites both dead :and alive, have little wild life and :the landscape is extremely monotone.
Despite this hole countries of none humans exist, even thought they are extremely small, they are :perceived as black spots on the human Empire.
Gnolls are extremely common and advanced here, elves once lived here but disappeared after the last :ice age.

The East Coast.

This is the second most human populated part of the continent.
The East coast is colder than the north and filled with hills, half isles
and variation between high and low land, water and lands.
The east coast have a huge river delta north of several half isles that merge in
a mountain chain called the Empires Neck the rivers leads sailors a good bit west inside the continents
South of the Empires Neck the half isles with small hills and mountains spreads out
into several more river deltas and finally into an open sea leading through the west towards of the Atlantic.


The central continent harbours the wonders of the ancient empire mankind build,
it also harbours a sacred white mountain that have inspired human religions
for centuries because it seems to pierce the skies.
Each city also carry the clear marks of all other civilised races
even though there are many non human cities that also carry the marks of
mankind. Here there is a large sea that allows faster transportation and colonisation of the continent.
Meso-Aeoryan has been a battle field between civilisation,
a human supremacist capital region, a multi-civilisation federation and many other things.
Very often the region have been several contradictory things at the same time.
The simplest description of this region is that it is filled with all the civilised races
and its always very rich.

The West

The west is relatively uninhabited by humans because of the races that live here.
It is tropical and full with mountains that makes travel nearly impossible
from the north and only connects with the South.
Very similar to the east, the west coast have several revel deltas and half isles
but the half isles are larger and spread away from the mainland.

The South Coast

The South is extremely tropical and filled with high mountain chains
in the middle of hot steaming jungles, and rivers so huge they have room for fleets.
this is the homeland of the Lizard folk, who build their pyramids
and cities on these steaming hot mountains.

Minor Regions[edit]

The Breath Plateaus

a land of six huge plateaus with some minor dales in between,
The plateaus spread between harsh deserts, savannah and green highlands.
Legends say that it was here the God of Wind raped and married his wife and was cursed to become a ghost.

The Five Deltas

The deltas bleed from the east, west, north and south coasts and not the coasts between,’’
the network join rivers and fertile floods spiralling over the continent.

The Sun Down Mountains.

The Jungles grow over mountain chains and dales surrounding minor plateaus.’’
The Mountain Chain is compromising the equator of Aeoryran’’
and it generates forests and jungles spreading over different climate zones.’’

The White Sea

a small ocean in the continent that allows some improved travelling by water.

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