Adventure Ideas (The Silver Lands Supplement)

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25 Adventure Starters[edit]

  • 1: War is sparked between Bas'Mera and Rytha.
  • 2: Valkarie raiders are making attacks against coastal settlements.
  • 3: A shipment of Salahandrian Steel is stolen.
  • 4: Goblin rebels in Bas'Mera begin making trouble.
  • 5: Forest goblins are plaguing travelers.
  • 6: Pixy Slavers attack a village.
  • 7: A godslayer begins a campaign to destroy all outsiders.
  • 8: A small village in Chirrika is attacked by giant owls.
  • 9: A changeling is impersonating a high official.
  • 10: Dire bears are being slaughtered by something in the Rythan wilds.
  • 11: A dragon awakes from an eight century slumber... and is really, really hungry.
  • 12: An onlar weaponsmith seeks to learn the secret of dragon-fire forging.
  • 13: Banshee bandits are attacking caravans.
  • 14: Stocks are being destroyed in the back alleys of a large city.
  • 15: A minotaur diplomat comes aboard a roane ship.
  • 16: Drakes are making periodic forays from the Wyrm Hills.
  • 17: A gremlin carrying a deadly plague stumbles into a gnome village.
  • 18: A shifter assassin is killing off Rythan and Bas'Meran generals.
  • 19: Several undead somehow wash up near a small, isolated community.
  • 20: Athame mercenaries are on a rampage.
  • 21: An enormously large sea-creature is spotted near the Skirmish Gulf.
  • 22: A vampire is loose in a city.
  • 23: A piece of stone veined with a new metal crashes into the coast of the Mirror Sea.
  • 24: A party of adventurers returns with tails of riches to be found in the far East.
  • 25: An elf sorcerer is inciting millions of sprites to swarm faery villages.

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