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Advanced Plating I[edit]

You've been augmented with interlocking plates into existing armor. Some of these plates may look decorative, but they provide well need protection.
Prerequisite: [[Warforged|Warforged]],
Benefit: You increase your Composite Plating by +3 giving you a +5 total to your Armor Bonus if you are a Warforged. The down side is you gain weight[1] and a -3 to armor check penalties and are considered to be wearing medium armor with a 20% spell failure. You can use other metals if desired, but follow the cost listed for such metals. Mithral will reduce the check penalty to 0 with a spell failure of 10% and now is considered light armor. Adamantine will reduce armor penalty by 1 and give you a Damage Reduction 2/-.

[[Category:[[Warforged|Warforged]] Feat]]

"We've managed to save your Warforged buddy, but his armor is completely shot. So I gave him an upgrade similar to an Adamantine Breastplate. Here's my bill, I'll see you at the Tavern." -Durangrunt Ale Boozenthunder

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