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Advanced Mind[edit]

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The mind is an ever-changing thing; Always growing, where will we end up?

Creating a Advanced Mind[edit]

Aquired or inherited; Any being that has at least 1 point in any mental score. This can cause some creatures to gain an Int score where none was present before, with all accompanying benefits and detriments therein.

Size and Type[edit]

Size does not change, but gains the Augmented Sub-type.

Hit Dice[edit]

Increase all HD gained by one(1) size category.


You may exchange the three(3) ability points you gain at an HD increase for a 10' (ft.) speed increase to all of your speed modes.

Armor Class[edit]

Add your highest mental score modifier to your AC


Add your highest mental score modifier to all attack rolls

Full Attack[edit]

No change

Special Attacks[edit]

No change

Special Qualities[edit]

Spell Resistance equal to 10 + highest mental score modifier + HD.


Gain +6 to one mental score, +4 to a different one, and +2 to the remaining mental score. Gain +1/2 HD to each of these scores.


All skills are class skills, taken individually, and may increase your max ranks by 1/3 HD.


Gain 1 bonus feat every odd HD, may stack normally un-stackable feats by taking the feat again.




Typically gather in communal libraries, laboratories, colleges, and other places of learning.

Challenge Rating[edit]



Random, At least 3 books of some kind.





Level Adjustment[edit]

+6 LA

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