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Advanced Dodge [General]

You have become unbelievably skilled at avoiding harm in battle.
Prerequisite: Dodge, Improved Dodge, Dex 17
Benefit: You may apply the effects of the Dodge feat to a number of targets equal to your dexterity modifier +1 (minimum of 2). You may also apply the effects twice (stacking) to a given target. Doing so counts as applying dodge's effects to two different targets. You may not apply the effects of dodge to a single target more than twice.

A target that you have applied dodge to twice is still counted as having only one application for the purposes of feats and abilities such as Agile Riposte.

This feat replaces the Improved Dodge feat.
Normal: A character with the Improved Dodge feat may apply the effects of dodge to a single target twice, or to two different targets separately.

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