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Adding to Pandlechron[edit]

I would be very happy for people to add content to the world of Pandlechron. Feel free to add new content! If you want to add a new mage organization, for example, go ahead and add it. Even if you don't feel comfortable with Wiki syntax, I will be cleaning up any articles that are part of the setting.

I do have a few main stipulations about adding however. Since I am overseeing this setting, I may edit your additions to make them mesh better with the overall setting, or to be more balanced. I will discuss things of the talk page first though. I would prefer if you have an account that you log in with when you add to this setting so that I can send a Message of Interest if I have any comments and that way you will be notified via email. I would prefer that you do not make drastic changes to any content you did not create, but if you create something that needs a tie-in on another page, feel free to add it. For example, if you create a powerful NPC whom was a former emperor of Lothada, you may want to add a reference to him in the history of the Lothadian Empire.


If you are going to add material, try to follow the conventions already present in similar material. The following list is some custom conventions I have decided on for this project:

  • All pages directly part of the setting should be appended with:
 {{Back To Pandlechron Footer}} 
 {{Quotes (Pandlechron Supplement)}}
 {{Pandlechron Categories}}
  • The "back-to" footer should obviously have breadcrumbs going to the previous page. It is good to have multiple back-to footers to different pages if it seems logical (NPCs should go back to the general D&D wiki NPC pages as well as the town page that they live in (if they live in a town) as well as the main Pandlechron NPC page.
  • Pages seen elsewhere on the wiki should be appended with [[Category:Pandlechron Setting]] instead of {{Pandlechron Categories}}
  • NPCs used for combat should have their own NPC page.
  • NPCs crafters should have their information put in a Minor NPC Stat Block template.

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