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About this Project[edit]

Pandlechron is a campaign setting where I mesh things I learn in university into a new place, character, or item. For example, the Thestlian Mageocracy was supposed to be based around the French Revolution. I really only managed to have it as a current event in the game now (which is more interesting for the players), but the idea is there.

There will be characters like Merlin who lives his life backwards through time. I definitely got a powerful impression from that whole idea. I like to think that Merlin lives his life backwards chronologically, but forwards for each event. He experiences his conversation with you from start to finish, but the first time you meet him, he will be terribly upset since you and him became great friends later on.

The whole idea of this game stems from the ideas presented about our world being a grisly reality in such literature as Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came, Heart of Darkness, and Lord of the Flies. I hope to capture different perspectives on what is right and wrong and the horrid truth of reality as I develop this Campaign.

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I had already foreseen the outcome. They are all dirt-bloods; their lives were worthless.
Archmage Coeus
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