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Religion & Gods[edit]

In the beginning, there was Darkness. Then, the Darkness shed a tear. From that tear, the brothers Sword and Shield were born. Shield claimed it could defend against any attack. Sword claimed it could slice through anything. The brothers began a legendary battle. At the end, both Sword and Shield shattered. Sword became the sky, Shield became the earth, and the sparks from the battle became the stars. As for the jewels, they fell to the ground and became the True Runes-- The runes that all other runes were born from.

We never really go too far into the gods or deities of this world but if we consider the "Story of Creation" as it describes the True Runes as the backbone of Suiko by allowing the existence of the universe, then True Runes are the Gods of the suikoden world.

There are religions within the games, but they are more set pieces than anything. Some of which are St. Loa, the Goddess Sadie, Zexen, the worshipers of the Sun Rune, Twilight Rune and Dawn Rune. There is also the theocratic country Nagerea, which never really gets explored upon.

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