AC5 Player Character Record Sheets (Basic D&D)

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AC5 Player Character Record Sheets (Basic D&D)
Author: uncredited
Publisher: TSR
Item Code: 9037 (AC5)
Release Date: 1984
Format: character sheets
Page Count: 32
ISBN-10: 0935696660
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Product Blurb:
Do you have trouble keeping track of your dwarf's hit points? Are you constantly checking to see what your thief's abilities are? Did your magic-user miss going up a level because you lost the piece of paper with all of his treasure on it? Well cast your gaze upon this item. At last, all of that valuable information has been place on one sheet of paper.

These convenient record sheets display all of the most frequently used information that a player looks for when adventuring with a character. Everything you want to keep track of can be kept on these sheets. Ability scores, armor class, hit points, weapons, spells, treasure, equipment, magical items, saving throws, special abilities and even a combat table are placed at your fingertips.

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