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Third Spellcasting Classes[edit]

Classes that are third spellcasters.

Name Summary Spellcasting
Bright Lord A Strong, warm, merciful fighter imbued with powers generated from their own good energies. third
Dark Lord Opposite of "Bright Lord". third
Draconic Knight, Variant A Warrior with the blood of a Dragon. third
Dragon Rider, 2nd Variant Dragon Riders and their partners are a fearsome duo. They share their minds and powers to defeat their foes and defend their allies. third
Frozen Revenant third
Gunslinger, 3rd Variant third
Hellraised Hellraised are the embodiment of evil deeds bent on destroying those that have wronged them or get in their way. third
Shadow third
Slayer This class has the sole focus of hunting down and exterminating exotic creatures. third
Soul Crafter p third
Spirit Commander, Variant Command armies of ghosts from the rear or from the frontlines of battle. third
Spirit Commander Command armies of ghosts from the rear or from the frontlines of battle. third
Storm Knight Warrior capable of using storm and lightning powers. third
Theurgist Those who use force of will to control outside powers. third
Trapper third
Umbrablade Umbrablades are deadly warriors and assassins with the ability to control the shadows. third
Wielder of a Legendary Weapon An even more versatile fighter, with some resemblance to monk and a huge reliance on one magical item. third

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