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Simple Melee Weapons[edit]

Broad Claw Cestus Dart Double Spear Falx Fauchard Godentag Greatspear Iron Claw Iron Gauntlets Karambit Knuckle Axe Monk’s Glaive Scythe Sap Torch Staff Torch Mace Townshend’s Crudgel War Ribbon

Simple Ranged Weapons[edit]

Boomerang Slingstaff

Martial Melee Weapons[edit]

Bladed Chain Spiked Chain Double Axe Double Flail Double Sword Flindbar Heavy Pickaxe Lajav Longblade Longspear Longstaff Man Catcher Master’s Whip Meteor Hammer Spiked Greatclub War Saw War Glaive

Martial Ranged Weapons[edit]

Bladed Longbow Bolas Repeating Crossbow Enforcer Crossbow Greatbow Spear Thrower Throwing Hammer


Light Armor[edit]

Assassin Suit Battle Robe Leather Lamellar

Medium Armor[edit]

Improvised Armor Basilica Armor Plated Leather Armor

Heavy Armor[edit]

Lorica Segmenta Fortress Armor Wyvern Bone Armor


Wing Guards Parma Tower Shield

Adventurer Gear[edit]

Coffin Compass Miner's Mate Pitchfork Split Bolt Whetstone


Artisan’s Tools[edit]

Doctor’s Tools Mystic Kit

Workman’s Tools[edit]

Anvil Farm Implements

Gaming Sets[edit]

Loaded Dice


Prospector’s Kit Rope Kit Warforged Repair Kit

Siege Equipment[edit]

City Taker Couillard Mantlet Warwolf Springald

Mounts and Vehicles[edit]

Boar Caravan Keg Cart Aerial Screw Glider


Expenses Trade Goods

Magical Items[edit]

Magical items are common and diverse. A listing would not be able to include all of them

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