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Gear and equipment available to players.


Each player character begins with one set of Armellian dice: a family heirloom, a prize from a contest, a gift from a cherished friend, a token from a defeated enemy. Dice sets are magical items requiring attunement, but do not count against the 3 item attunement limit.

The Armellian dice have been a part of Armello’s culture for as far back as anyone can remember. The dice, covered in the symbols known simply as 'The Six', are used as a measure for divination, adjudication, magic practices and more commonly, games and gambling. Many Armellians possess a set of these dice and will carry them with them wherever they go.

The universe of Armello is governed by raw natural elements of opposites and cycles; Moon & Sun, Sword & Shield, Worm & Wyld. These symbols adorn the Armellian dice on its opposing faces.


The inclusion of the sword in the symbol set serves as a constant reminder that Armello is a place of conflict. That even when one is resting and there is peace, the need to take up arms may occur. Armello is a dangerous and merciless place. Armellians will call upon the strength of the sword when they must fight for whatever reason.


The shield is a sign of enduring resilience and protection. Armellians will invoke the shield when looking for comfort or in order to ward off bad luck or danger. Under the symbol of the shield, it is said that no harm can come to you.


The sign of dawn, of the light, of growth and clarity. The sun plays against the duality of the moon symbol in removing danger and providing one with a light forward. It can be seen as cleansing too, as the creatures that walk the night disappear when the sun appears.


The moon is a mysterious sign. Armello comes to life at night. The magical and mysterious glows, creatures, lights and sounds all play on our greatest terrors, however the wyld is strongest under the moon’s glow and so this symbol is a popular one amongst the spirit-strong. A sacred symbol for many of Armello’s nocturnal inhabitants.


The image of the Wyld Tree is perhaps the most famous in all of Armello. Perhaps even more so than the image of the King . This great tree, located in the heart of the Bear Clan capital is perhaps the holiest of sites for Armellians - especially the Bear Clan - and a place of immense power. This symbol signifies all that is magical about Armello.


In Armellian culture, nature plays a big part. However, you can’t have nature without death. The entire cycle of nature is covered and the worm, the creature that feasts on death itself, is the very symbol of this. The worm is also synonymous with the Rot and thus carries a terrible omen.

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