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Adventures come in all shapes and sizes with diverse tactics as well as skill sets. As the braves souls arrive in Vanchilia most will adhere to a specific style that the ordinary can not dream of. In this chapter you will find the most common character classes as well as the roles of these characters. This chapter will also go over classes not inside the Players Hand Book.


(Player's Handbook pg. 46)

In Vanchilia, the rise of the Overlord has left the nomadic tribes in a great struggle. Crops grow slowly but even then they are weak and scarce, this has led for many Barbarians to raid small villages and leave none alive. But there are those who are opposed to this world ending threat that is the Overlord.

The Barbarians who venture out and leave their tribes and attempt to bring peace to the land the only way the know how, through the strength of the arm and the wisdom of the spirits who guide them. The common militia will welcome these adventures as hired help and townsfolk may praise them for stopping the Overlord despite being uncivilized.


Necromancer (5e Class)

The Necromancer is a very powerful with the knowledge of the undead and know how to control them.the necrotic aura that surrounds them makes them feared by peasants but magic in this land is forbidden so watch out for that.A Necromancer's strengths are in bolstering undead, summoning or raising undead minions (which they can control up to a number of a large mob) and being able to cast a vast repertoire of various necromancy spells. They are strong spell casters but are not durable in physical combat. A Necromancer should primarily be used for crowd control, able to curse the enemy while animating different undead to occupy the enemy while their teammates continue to sustain a mass of dead bodies for you.

A Necromancer is a caster that is able to expel negative energies flowing through their veins. Necromancers are similar to sorcerers, but are more adept with necromancy and, to some extent, enchantment spells. They use their abilities to gain absolute control over their enemies' bodies, minds and souls. Often the best way to do this is by raising/summoning undead from their fallen enemies; a skill at which they are unparalleled. Necromancers are also effective with diseases, poison spells, and affecting opponents with fear, fatigue, exhaustion, pain, negative energy damage, or even gaining mindless supporters through the use of enchantment spells like charm or dominate.


Knight (5e Class)

Lords of honor, masters of glory, and the defenders of their ladies' virtue and beauty. They are the envy of all men, the love of every woman, and the dream of each and every single child. Knights are known to have a great moral compass that helps them through their daily life, plus some have a great hair (which is by the way always a plus). It is no wonder why ladies adore such men, even without looking at them.

In truth, most knights are not at all alike. As a matter of fact, most are quite the opposite from what tales depict. Instead of being the handsome, charming, and charismatic leaders, many knights are ugly, blunt, and somewhat repulsive at best. That might go to the fact that most knights spend their life marching across the wilderness, killing people they've never met, in a conflict that is not their own.


Lich (5e Class)

It truly doesn't matter how you became a lich, what matters is what you choose to do now. Like any A properly created Lich will always have a powered phylactery that sustains the Lich and reconstructs their body when they die, and the proper method for creating a lich is a closely guarded secret. However, there are many ways a "lesser lich" can be created. These liches have phylacteries that are simply random objects that were near their body when they died, and they can be created in a wide variety of ways.Even though magic is forbidding the Overlord of this world has a thing for the undead and may want them as a servant.

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